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Knowledge, Experience, Integrity - An essential resource for any district
Ruggiero Consulting provides interim services to take the place of someone who has left permanently, is on leave or for project based work.

The Benefits of Interim Services:

  • Provides time for quality searching
  • Provides an experienced individual to evaluate operational conditions, assets and deficits within a department
  • Allows for an unbiased assessment of human capital requirements
  • Evaluates the procurement system for bias, bid compliance
Ruggiero Consulting continues to serve educational systems by providing interim or consulting services in the non-instructional arena. We promote systemic efficiency, organizational integrity, further development of an organization's human capital, and an organization's long-term success.

If you seek out an experienced organizational leader, whether you have vacancies or are facing the challenges of today's financial conditions, Ruggiero Consulting provides the depth of experience needed.

Ruggiero Consulting Serves:
  • Public Sector of educational and municipal entities
  • Private and Charter sector with guidance in response to public bids or public presentations
  • Private and Charter sector with assistance, guidance or creation of public markets to private sector good and services
The years spent successfully providing operational and fiscal oversight to organizations have shown that those who have planned and implemented a strategy consistent with a clear three to five year vision are the most fiscally sound, operationally stable and community supported.