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Capital Projects
Ruggiero Consulting provides oversight of capital projects as an owner's representative coordinating team efforts within the project or projects from concept through close out.

Having Ruggiero Consulting as your owner's representative for capital projects assures the District that a well experienced, senior level voice is always present without risk of potential bias, conflicts of interest, schedule conflicts, and project creep with architects, engineers and construction managers.

An Ruggiero Consulting Owner's Representative performs the following:
  • Master Planning Process from inception of need
  • Small project coordination and professional team development
  • Coordinate the public selection process for the professional team including the Architect, Construction Manager, Attorney, Fiscal Advisor, and Bond Counsel
  • Provide guidance in the community involvement process, a keystone to any successful outcome
  • Provide the political and conflict of interest buffer for Board and Administration
  • As the Board's direct representative, provide oversight of project budget, progress, and reporting
  • Ensure compliance with comptroller's requirements
  • Community Engagement - Facilitate committee meetings
Ruggiero Consulting understands what is important in district decision making so we can provide you with the highest quality guidance.