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District emergency preparedness is essential. Ruggiero Consulting's personal and professional expertise may assist you in this area when your district is tested during difficult economic times. Ruggiero Consulting will work out district communication and define what needs to be kept secure at different levels and times. Our team helps you define a clear purpose, vision and gather community acceptance of any security measures needed.

Security services include:
  • Facility Emergency Plan Development and Evaluation
  • Policy and Budget Development
  • CCTV Security Systems
  • Emergency Communication and Notification Systems to meet different product and service needs without vendor or designer bias
  • Disaster Preparedness including communication systems for sustained power, VoIP, radio or cellular devices
  • Community Advisory Committee
  • Recommending contract services vs. district staff
  • Security Audit
Ruggiero Consulting Helps you Define
Building Access for:
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Community
  • Community Use of Buildings
  • Access to Properties in Emergency Situations
  • Staged Access Controls
  • Key or Access Systems and Accountability